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​Klopp wants Liverpool to lift Premier League trophy with Chelsea win

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp hopes his team can get a win against Chelsea before they lift the Premier League trophy.

The Reds are preparing for their final home game after losing to Arsenal 2-1 on Wednesday night.

And Klopp knows that while they are already champions, going out at home in style and then lifting the trophy would be the ideal way to see out the season.

“We have all been waiting ages, some of us 30 years, and we will finally get this Premier League trophy and it will be a big moment for all of us and our families,” said the Reds boss to reporters.

“That’s 100%.

“Before that, we have to play a game. For five million reasons, we will try to win it.

“I have had this situation twice in my life where we have got the trophy on the day.

“It will be difficult, especially when the other team is Chelsea and they are fighting with all they have to get in the Champions League.

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“After the game, whatever happens, the boys deserve that and we all deserve that. We will have a proper ceremony.

“But we have a football game to play before that and I want to win that.”

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