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​Tottenham boss Mourinho sad over mid-season change in offside law

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Tottenham boss, Jose Mourinho, has expressed his resentment over the mid-season change in offside law.

According to him, it’s not “fair” that the Premier League has told referees to alter their interpretation of the offside rule midway through the season, reports Sky Sports.

“(I am) not happy with (it),” Mourinho said.

“I believe that now it’s right and previously it was not right. But I don’t think it’s fair that you change a rule during the season.”

Manchester City were awarded a controversial goal in last week’s victory over Aston Villa.

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Bernardo Silva’s strike was allowed to stand despite City midfielder Rodri coming from an offside position to challenge Villa defender Tyrone Mings, with the PGMOL later explaining referee Jon Moss and assistant Darren Cann had technically made the right decision as Mings ‘intentionally playing the ball’ meant Rodri was no longer deemed offside.

However, following a heavy backlash, the PGMOL held talks with IFAB, football’s lawmakers, and agreed a strategy for this specific part of the offside law going forward, which will see players in Rodri’s position penalised going forward.

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