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Adesanya determined to upgrade to heavyweight division


New Zealand- Nigerian mixed martial arts ace Israel Adesanya, is determined to move up into the heavyweight division in future his coach John Bareman has revealed.

The middleweight champion has ambitions well beyond his own division and his next fight is against light-heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz.

Adesanya and Jon Jones have long been stoking the fires of their rivalry and a match-up between the pair at heavyweight, where Jones now resides, would be spectacular.

The City Kickboxing coach told 1 NEW, ‘that’s the ultimate challenge (moving up to heavyweight)… You have to be willing to take on bigger and heavier opponents as well as smaller opponents.

Israel Adesanya eyes heavyweight division

‘If you want to be the best fighter in the world then none of those people that are the champions of their weight divisions are the best fighters in the world — they’re the best fighters of their weight division in the world.

‘Not many people get to be the best fighter in the world, regardless of weight division.

‘Why not? That’s the ultimate challenge we’re trying to be the best fighter in the world regardless of weight.

Despite the fact that Adesanya plans to do something special in the divisions above him, he will not be piling on the pounds to compete with physically larger opponents, including Blachowicz.

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He added: ‘We’re not putting on weight — the science of putting on weight and moving up in weight isn’t going to be a factor in this fight because we’ve decided to come in at our normal, walk-around weight.

Adesanya’s bid to become two-weight champion at UFC 259 on March 6.



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