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Atalanta coach Gasperini relieved after victory over Napoli

Gian Piero Gasperini


Atalanta Coach Gian Piero Gasperini says Napoli were unlucky after Sunday’s 4-2 win.

Gasperini admits Napoli pushed them all the way.

He said, “We feel like we’ve been run over by a train and emerged without a scratch. This was a huge, huge risk. We won 4-2, but it could’ve gone very differently.

“The refereeing was a big obstacle and so were the opponents!”

Gasperini was sent off in the first half for protesting about a potential Mario Rui penalty challenge on Matteo Pessina.

“This is one incident, there were others that weren’t quite so decisive, but they add up. They were difficult for us to deal with all the way through the evening.

“I said it was a clear penalty because I could see from 70 metres away, let alone from up close. It is also a bad sign that I received a red card just for that, or that for instance Robin Gosens got that yellow card.

“We won anyway, we need to stay on our toes, because it’s a really tough season this time. We’ve got to keep our eyes open. It’s not often you end a game with a 4-2 win over Napoli and leave the pitch as furious as some of my players were tonight.”


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