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Aussie Open players end quarantine set for action


Life is gradually picking up for Aussie Open players after they were given the green light to exit from quarantine on Thursday.

The first group among the 960 players, coaches and officials isolating at three Melbourne hotels were allowed to leave from 6 p.m. local time (0700 GMT), with the rest expected to depart by Sunday, Victoria state health officials said.

Players isolating in South Australia state, including Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams, were also to be released ahead of an exhibition tournament in Adelaide on Friday.

Players will be free to move around the cities and surrounding regions so long as they abide by local social distancing restrictions.

Tennis players happy to exit after 14 days  quarantine

Unlike the United States and European countries, which are battling to contain the virus, Australia has not had a case of community transmission for 11 straight days and residents have regained most of their pre-COVID freedoms.

CQV said it had not recorded any new COVID-19 infections among the Australian Open cohort on Thursday.

There remained a total of five active cases, who will need to spend longer in quarantine depending on when they tested positive.

Spain’s Paula Badosa was the first player to reveal she had contracted the virus when she tested positive on her seventh day in quarantine. She was moved to a “health hotel” last Thursday to begin two more weeks of isolation and complained about the conditions to Spanish media.


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