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Barca star set to undergo another surgery on Thursday

Ansu Fati will undergo another surgery with the intention of solving, once and for all, the problems caused by the rupture of the internal meniscus in his left knee last November during a match with Real Betis, according to Mundo Deportivo.

The Barcelona forward, just 18, has already undergone surgery at the hands of Dr. Ramon Cugat, and has seen a season crucial in his development as a footballer totally disrupted by injury.

ansu fati injury

The teenager will undergo the surgery next Thursday, under the knife of the Portuguese national team doctor, one of several who’ve reviewed his injury in recent times, including Dr. Antonio Maestro, of Gijon, and Dr. Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet, of Lyon. The three doctors have been on constant contact these past few weeks, building a highly-personalised plan to test Ansu’s knee and help him get back to full fitness.

Ansu Fati

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Their collective ambition had been to try and ascertain whether or not Ansu needed the surgery, and decided on Sunday that he does as the joint just hasn’t recovered. The hope is that surgery will end Ansu’s meniscus problems, with a plausible option being a meniscectomy or partial removal of the meniscus.

Should everything go smoothly, Ansu will miss two months of action but return for the start of next season at full capacity.

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