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Barcelona midfielder splits with fitness model Isaza

Barcelona midfielder Arturo Vidal has split with stunning Wag Sonia Isaza amid rumours of a transfer from Barcelona to Inter Milan.

Colombian fitness model Isaza is said to have been binned as the midfielder waits to “see if he will be transferred to Inter Milan”.

The pair un-followed each other on Instagram sparking reports of a split
The pair un-followed each other on Instagram sparking reports of a split

Chilean international Vidal, 32, made their relationship official in 2018 but it seems to have come to an end after less than three years together.

The pair stopped following each other on Instagram which sparked reports of a break-up.

Local media report the fitness model recently posted several videos to her army of 2.8 million followers where she was seen singing popular love songs about heartbreak.

‘Murio el Amor’ (The Love Has Died) performed by popular Colombian singer Paola Jara was just one of them.

One of the lyrics Isaza was seen singing in a post was: “And I have already decided to take you out of my memory.

“I have made the oath to erase you from my history.

“It hurts the heart, you killed the illusion and even though it hurts to say, here, the love has died.”

Isaza regularly competes in fitness shows
Isaza regularly competes in fitness shows

Chilean tabloid ‘La Cuarta’ reported a “clue” to their separation saying: “The physical distance between the two is another clue.

“While the ‘King’ (Vidal) stays in Europe seeing if he will be transferred from Barcelona to Inter, Sonia spends her days with her family in Colombia.”

Uruguayan TV host Claudia Schmidt recently claimed Vidal cheated on his ex-wife Maria Teresa Matus with Isaza while Vidal and Matus were still together.

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It is also said they were expecting their third child at the time, as reported on Chilean TV show ‘Intrusos’ (Intruders).

Vidal and Matus, 32, made their divorce public last year after 10 years of marriage.

But local media report they split long before as the two were spotted spending their holidays separately in 2018.

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