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Bayern ace Boateng part ways with model Kasia after crash

What happens to the tattoo as Boateng kasia part ways


Jerome Boateng’s ex-girlfriend Kasia Lenhardt has branded the Bayern Munich defender as a ‘devil’ after he accused her of blackmailing him.

The 32-year-old announced earlier this week that he and the former Germany’s Next Top Model finalist have separated after 15 months of dating.

German news outlet Bild exclusively revealed that Kasia had been involved in a car accident in Boateng’s Mini on January 5, resulting in the vehicle being a write-off.

After crashing into a street lamp, Kasia, 25, was taken to the Berlin Charite where she was found to have 0.6 per thousand alcohol in her blood.

Shortly after that news broke, Boateng took to his Instagram story to state that he had ended his relationship with Kasia – who bears a tattoo of his name on her chest.

He said: “As is known from the media, I ended the relationship with Kasia Lenhardt.

“We will go our separate ways from now on. That is regrettable, but for my family and for me it is the only right one.

“I had to take this step and draw a line. I apologise to everyone I’ve hurt especially with my ex-girlfriend Rebecca and our children.

“I am disappointed in myself too. A man has to take responsibility and act in the interests of his family and I’m doing it now.”I wish Kasia all the best. Jerome Boateng.”

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Kasia branded Bayern Munich ace Boateng as a ‘Devil’ in a now deleted post

Kasia was quick to comment on Boateng’s statement, as she then made her own announcement on her Instagram story.

Accusing Boateng of cheating on her, she claimed: “I ended the relationship because of all your lies and constant infidelity.”But well, that fits into the picture again. All the best!”






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