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Bergkamp, Kanu contributed to my Arsenal successful story – Henry

French player, Thierry Henry, has admitted he enjoyed playing for Arsenal more than Barcelona.

With Barca, Henry won the Champions League.

But the Montreal Impact coach also says: “At Arsenal, I could do whatever I wanted on the field.

“It was much easier, because either (Dennis) Bergkamp or (Nwankwo) Kanu were nearby. They remained in the centre, and I could be pulled back or on the flank. I never thought that I would leave Arsenal, but still did it.

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“In Barcelona it was harder, there Bergkamp and Kanu were no longer there, I had to get used to the new style of the game and conditions. It took a lot of time, but it turned out I adapted in 2009, when we won everything that could be won.”

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