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Birtles showers Sammy Ameobi praise

Former Nottingham Forest player, Garry Birtles, has showered praise on Sammy Ameobi, who has declared his allegiance to Nigeria.

Ameobi has been one of the outstanding players for the club this season with several great display which have drawn attention.

“I think he always looks dangerous, he always looks a threat. You always fancy he can score a goal, he can create something,” remarked Birtles.

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“I mean, the pressure he put on to make the goals I thought was really impressive. How many times do you see players in those situations give a silly foul away? But he didn’t, he forced the mistake and got the ball across.”

Ameobi has scored three goals with several assists.

The 28-year-old forward has played for Newcastle United, Bolton Wanderers, Middlesbrough and Cardiff City.

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