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Boxing: Fear over Tyson Fury’s fitness!

...not ‘100 per cent’ fit for Deontay Wilder rematch

Tyson Fury’s trainer,Javan ‘Sugarhill’ Steward, has admitted it would be impossible for the heavyweight to enter his rematch against Deontay Wilder 100 percent fit.

The Gyspy King, 31, challenges for Wilder’s WBC title for a second time on Saturday in Las Vegas.

But heading into the clash rival promoter Eddie Hearn backed the Bronze Bomber, 34, to retrain his belt having heard Fury has suffered problems during training for the rematch.

And trainer Javan ‘Sugarhill’ Steward – who replaced Ben Davison – did not argue the 6ft 9in switch-hitter had an injury-free preparation.

Sugarhill insisted any sportsman will suffer bumps while competing, but backs Fury to be able to overcome any prior issues to walk away heavyweight champion once again.

He told BehindTheGloves: “Whatever Eddie says is true.

“I don’t wanna argue with Eddie Hearn or anybody that’s saying that Tyson’s injured and stuff like that.

“With Tyson, he could be [injured], could be or maybe not. Nobody comes into a fight 100 per cent. So that’s just being honest.

“Every fighter, and not even fighters, in every sport. If you train hard, everybody has some kind of an injury, some kind of nick, and that’s just the truth.

“But they go on with it. That’s part of being a champion, that’s part of the game, the sport game.

“You see the soccer players, they fall down like their leg is broke, they get up about 45 seconds later they’re back running full speed like it never happened – but I’m thinking they need a doctor! They need to get carried out on an ambulance on a stretcher!

“They play with those injuries, but still very competitive, still scoring, still doing what they have to do because they’ve been training for this.

“They’ve been going through and working at this sport with injuries their whole life, that’s what builds that person.”

Fury – who has vowed to weigh close to 19st for the Vegas rerun – revealed he suffered ankle and leg injuries earlier in his camp, but assured the knocks have healed.

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He said: “Unfortunately I hurt both legs, and both ankles, in the training camp.

“But it’s not going to affect me in the fight because that was at the beginning of camp. It was an unnecessary accident, but, you know, things happen.”

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