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Brazil icon Ronaldo bought every Real Valladolid player a PS5 after win

Brazil icon, Ronaldo, once treated his Real Valladolid players to a Playstation 5 after a victory.

The Brazil legend and club president’s kind-hearted gesture was revealed by right-back Saidy Janko.

The 25-year-old former Manchester United prospect also told of how Ronaldo invited players over for online gaming.

Janko told that players went to Ronaldo’s house “to play a little online against the Juve stars Douglas Costa and Paulo Dybala”.

And he added: “Once he just gave us a Playstation 5 after a win.

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“He’s very sociable, and he’ll have a coffee with you from time to time.”

Ronaldo brought a 51 percent stake in the Spanish club in September 2018.

The side are in LaLiga relegation danger this season, sitting fourth from bottom and just a point ahead of Elche.

After buying the club, the two-time World Cup winner plans to get involved in training sessions after shedding a few pounds.

Ronaldo said: “I have not come to play and I am not in shape for that.

“I will start training and getting fit so I can train with the boys and contribute a bit in the technical area, always in agreement with the coach.”

Having played for some of the wealthiest clubs in European football, Ronaldo is used to state-of-the-art facilities.

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