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Calling Everton ‘small club’ was just a slip of tongue, says Rafa

Rafa Benitez quits Chinese Super League

Rafa Benitez has stated in the recent past he regrets describing Everton as a “small club”, insisting it was a slip of the tongue.

The comments are working against the former Liverpool manager over attempts to take the job at Goodison Park.

“I made a mistake when I said it was a small club,” he told MNF last year. “What I wanted to say was they are a small team because in this game I remember they had one chance.

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“Liverpool fans they were happy and the Evertonians were upset. But I didn’t want to say they were a small club, I wanted to say they were a small team.

“Some Evertonians they come to me and say about what I did for the city, we have the charity, and all these things, so I have a very good connection with the city, not just the Liverpool fans.”

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