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Carragher sorry Messi not joining Man City

Liverpool legend, Jamie Carragher, is sorry Lionel Messi is staying with Barcelona.

Carragher had hopes of seeing Messi with Manchester City this season.

He said: “If you are asking me as a lover of football if I wanted Messi to come to the Premier League then absolutely, yes.

“Did I want him to go to Man City? Yes, because I just wanted him in the Premier League.

“I wanted to watch him every week – and it would have been amazing.

“Did I want Liverpool to sign him? No. If I was a City fan, would I have wanted City to sign him? No.

“Standing back and looking at the numbers involved and the age of the player, I am not sure I would have wanted my team to sign him.

“I wanted Messi in the Premier League and if he had gone to City I would have been delighted. Would he have made City better? Of course.

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“But Liverpool still beat Barcelona 4-0 – and Barcelona didn’t win the league this year and have not won the Champions League for a long time.

“We are talking about one of the greatest players, but just because you get him there is no guarantee of success.”

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