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Champions League Final: Polls favour Reds to win

The die is cast. Today is here.  A day set aside for this year’s UEFA Champions league final in Kiev, Ukraine.

Real Madrid who are seeking a third consecutive victory take on Liverpool who last won the title in 2005. Apart from die-hard fans of the two teams whose loyalty are not in doubt, other fans across the globe are divided in their support.

Some based their support on facts and figures,current form of the players and luck while others base theirs on sympathy.

For instance some believe that Real Madrid with back to back victory in 2015–16 and 2016–17 should ‘allow'(whatever that means) Liverpool who last touched the trophy 13 years ago to clinch this one this time for equity sake, again (whatever that means)

But of course a winner must definitely emerge at the end today’s make or break encounter. sort to know from our teeming readers what they think about today’s final and who they think is likely to carry the day.

As at 12 noon Saturday about 172,000 of them had sent in their stand both on and offline.  Of this figure 114,000 about 66.2% believe Liverpool will win, 50,000 or 29% gave it to Real Madrid while 8,000 about 4% are undecided.

Perhaps what we did not remember to do was to ask them to predict whether ‘goal manufacturers’ Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohammed Salah will each score in today’s encounter. We should have also asked them to predict the result and finally whether it will end in regulation time like it did last season with Madrid winning against Juventus, and grabbing four goals within the 90 minutes of play not forgetting that Ronaldo scored two of the goals in the 20th and 64th minutes or whether it will stretch to extra time and eventually end in penalties like it did two seasons ago against Athletico

Madrid. The match had ended 1-1 after extra time leading to penalties. While Real Madrid converted all their five penalties Athletico were able to convert three.  For Madrid on that occasion Vázquez, Marcelo,Bale,Ramos and Ronaldo all scored in the shoot out to sing victory song. Be that as it may, it is only a matter of hours before decision time. The venue is waiting the teams have trained the coaches have studied and set out their tactics no need to postpone decision day anymore let the war take the centre stage and let see who laughs last.







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