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Coronavirus: Enter Twenty Two Days Sabbatical March 13-April4

liverpool beat Bournemouth 2-1


For sports lovers across the globe this certainly are not the best of times no thanks to a certain Virus that emanated from Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019 and has chosen to hold the world hostage since then.

Its ravaging effect is not only affecting the sports industry, but has also taken its toll on other areas from business to economy from education to tourism just to mention a few.

Arsenal beat West Ham 1-0

Championships have been cancelled and some have been postponed hoping and praying that the virus will go away so that normal life can continue.

Even one of the most celebrated sports fiesta on the planet, the Olympics is standing on a wall of uncertainty as organisers remain hopeful that the virus that came on the world like a thief in the night will have a change of heart and fade into oblivion.

On Friday the EPL, one of the most watched Premier leagues in the world announced the postponement of all matches setting April 4th as return days with a caveat that a review might follow should the virus continue to hold the world at the jugular.

“Following a meeting of shareholders today, it was unanimously decided to suspend the Premier League with the intention of returning on April 4,” the governing bodies for the leagues said in a statement.

Some players have been tested and given a clean bill of health like France international Kylian Mbappe and Portugal international Cristiano Ronoldo.

Nottingham Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis

Some others have been tested and quarantined.  Coaches and club owners have not been spared the scourge like Nottingham Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis and only few days back Arsenal handler Mikel Arteta.

As it stands only the Bundesliga matches slated for this weekend are of certainty to go on even though few days back Timo Hubrs who plays for Hanover96 became the first professional footballer in Germany to test positive to the virus.

All steps taken so far are all subject to review as countries continue to monitor situations and adjust accordingly.

That Italy is on lockdown is no longer news and authorities continue to battle the virus after  several deaths and hoping that it will be brought to its knees.

The World Health Organisation has already declared it a pandemic.

chelsea hammer Everton 4-0

So for the next 22 days sporting action will be on sabbatical in England and indeed most parts of the world. Sports lovers will either rewind and look at matches already played or join analysts who will equally be reviewing past matches and previewing forthcoming ones with tentative dates.

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The prayer point for sports lovers and none sports lovers alike now is “Go Coronavirus Go.

You have done enough damage deaths have been recorded and there have been lockdowns you have over stayed your ‘welcome ‘it is time to leave.

Go Covid-19 just Go!




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