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Danish fans take quick Amsterdam trip to skip quarantine

Hundreds of Danish football fans boarded busses in Copenhagen late on Friday for a quick 12-hour round trip to Amsterdam, taking advantage of a loophole in Covid-19 travel limits to attend Saturday’s last-16 match against Wales in Amsterdam.

Denmark qualified for the knockout stages at Euro 2020 in dramatic fashion on Monday after a resounding 4-1 home field win over Russia, supported by an ecstatic crowd.

“We’re going to the win the whole (thing)!,” Oliver Moller said while waiting to board the fan bus for Amsterdam.

Dutch authorities strongly recommend that travellers from Denmark isolate for five days upon entering the Netherlands and then take a Covid-19 test. But they are exempt from isolation if they spend less than 12 hours in the country.

Denmark’s European Championship campaign has been an emotional rollercoaster ride since midfielder Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest on the pitch in their first game two weeks ago. He survived and is out of hospital.

“When this thing with Christian Eriksen happened, there was just a feeling that we Danes have to stand together, and we have to show the support now,” said fan Carsten Koutrup.

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Five packed busses will take Danish fans clad in their national colours red and white from Denmark to Amsterdam and back, arranged by a Danish travel agency specialising in faring Danish football fans to national games.

To time the stay to within 12 hours, “Our plan is to go to the border between the Netherlands and Germany and wait there,” said CEO Nicolai Nielsen, who arranged the trip.

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