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Dele Alli apologises for immature coronavirus joke

Tottenham Hotspur’s Dele Alli has apologised to fans for posting a video to Snapchat appearing to mock an Asian man in relation to the coronavirus outbreak.

Alli posted the video on Saturday, where he appeared to film a man of Asian descent, along with the caption ‘Corona whatttttt, please listen with ­volume.’

Tottenham star Dele Alli posted an insensitive video to Snapchat regarding coronavirus

He then posted an apology video on Chinese social media site Weibo, saying that it’s not a subject that should be joked about.

In the original video, Alli could be seen wearing a mask, while also appearing to feign a look of concern on his face.

In the video he appeared to mock an Asian man and then snapped a picture of some handwash

The next part of the Snapchat story showed a bottle of handwash, accompanied by the caption: ‘This virus gunna have to be quicker than that to catch me og.’

Alli has since taken the video down, and posted an apology video to social media site Weibo

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It sparked outrage, with some branding his behaviour as racist.

The deadly outbreak of coronavirus in the city of Wuhan in China last month has caused travel restrictions, with almost 35,000 cases diagnosed around the world so far and over 700 deaths.

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