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England star charged by the FA for breaching betting rules

Trippier has pleaded his innocence and insisted he did not place a single bet after an investigation surrounding his £20m move from Tottenham to Atletico Madrid in July 2019.

England defender Trippier said: “I have fully complied with the FA’s investigation over the past several months on a voluntary basis and will continue to do so.

Kieran Trippier now plies his trade for Atletico Madrid in Spain

“I want to make it clear that while a professional footballer, I have at no stage placed any football related bets or received any financial benefit from others betting.”

Mirror Sport understands that Trippier fears some close mates may have placed some bets after he had some light hearted banter but has stressed his innocence as he insists it was done without his knowledge.

Tripper left Tottenham in the summer after suffering defeat in Champions League final

Trippier – a popular member of the England set-up – also maintains that he has not made any profit personally and was completely unaware of any information being passed on.

The FA have been investigating the case for the past few months after being alerted to betting patterns around Trippier’s move to one of Spain’s biggest clubs and the deal was seen as a surprise at the time.

Trippier has stressed that he is co-operated fully with the FA and there has been no fall-out which he sees as important because he is a fixture in the England set-up.

Ex-Spurs full back Trippier, a big part of Gareth Southgate’s 2018 World Cup squad, has until May 18 to respond but there are obvious similarities to Daniel Sturridge’s case.

Former Liverpool striker Sturridge was the last high profile player to be punished under the gambling rules after a series of bets on potential transfers in January 2018.

Sturridge was initially hit with a six week ban and £75,000 but the FA appealed against the leniency of the punishment dealt by an independent commission.

It was then upgraded in March to a four month world wide ban which then saw him cancel his contract with Turkish club Trabzonspor.

Tripper in action for the England national team

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There is a blanket ban on any employee from player to manager down to club staff being able to place bets on football under strict FA rules.

They have been determined to come down hard to set a strong example amid criticism of gambling within football.

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