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Finidi explains about his funny celebrations during US 1994 World Cup

Ex-international, George Finidi, has spoken about his funny celebrations for club and country during his active days.

As a mercurial winger with pace and flair, Nigeria legend did enough on the field to amaze spectators.

During his time with the Super Eagles and Real Betis, George also earned a reputation for his unique celebrations.

On one such occasion during the 1994 World Cup, George scored a fantastic breakaway goal for Nigeria in a group stage win over Greece.

Having lobbed the keeper with ease, George trotted towards the corner flag and produced his now-infamous urinating dog goal celebration.

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Speaking to Tribal Football, George explained: “My celebration at the World Cup was not planned.

“I did not even know that I was going to score at the world cup, but after scoring the goal, I wanted to celebrate and I just did that spontaneously and till date people still talk about the celebration.

“I just got carried away after the scoring a goal at the World Cup.”

After scoring for the Los Verdiblancos, the star winger would don a hat on the field.

Asked how the celebration started, George replied: “The celebration at Real Betis was initiated by a fan who threw a hat at me in our first game against Athletic Bibao and I did not put it on.

“I scored the first goal in that game, but I did not put on the hat. So after the game, the fan waited for me and asked why I didn’t wear the hat. He said he threw the hat at me especially to wear it. So, I told him no problem and I hoped I can score lots of goals so that I can wear them.

“Luckily for me, I scored 11 goals that season and I wore the hat to celebrate the goals and it became an iconic thing in Spain.”

George, who won the Champions League with Ajax, spent four years at Betis where he made over 130 appearances.

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