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Forlan gave good references about me – Cavani

Edinson Cavani has revealed that Diego Forlan was a key influence on his decision to sign for Manchester United.

Cavani confirmed that the former United striker, now the coach of Penarol, put in a good word about him before putting pen to paper.

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“There were rumours saying I could go to one place or another, that it was not in the plans.

“Many things were said without knowing because people speak behind a microphone and a keyboard. It hurt me, not because I live from those comments, but because of the evil that social networks sometimes do. That’s why I was glad that all this has come out.

“Diego [Forlan], when he had to give references about me, he did it, he said very good things.

“It’s okay to dream, but I like to wish things better. Dreaming seems fantasy, but wishing things makes you see them more real.”

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