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Fury denies putting a ‘gypsy spell’ on Wilder

Tyson Fury has hit back at Deontay Wilder’s claims he put a ‘gyspy spell’ on the American in the first of their two blockbuster fights.

Wilder was stunned at how the Gypsy King defied two knockdowns in a thrilling draw, before the Brit dethroned him in a one-sided rematch.

Unbeaten world heavyweight champ Fury scoffed at suggestions he used magic in the opening bout – but believes he ‘shook’ Wilder’s self-confidence with his prediction of a second-round KO.

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In his new book The Furious Method, Fury speaks out on the December 2018 draw where many thought he deserved to win.

The 32-year-old said: “When Joe Rogan interviewed Wilder on his podcast after our first fight, Wilder said he thought I’d put some kind of gypsy spell on him.

“As far as I know, I don’t possess much in the way of spells, though my Irish grandmother was a fortune teller.

“What’s clear is that I had got into his head and shook his self-confidence by repeatedly telling him I was going to drop him in the second round.

“I planted that seed in his mind and uttered it so frequently in the run-up to the fight he got spooked and started believing it himself.”

Wilder has also come up with bizarre excuses for his seven-round humiliation in the second fight with Fury.

Top of the loopy list are a heavy ring-walk outfit, an egg-shaped object allegedly in Fury’s gloves and spiked drinking water.

But Wilder’s new theory over the opening bout KO’s even his ridiculous re-match reasoning.

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