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Heavyweight champion Fury Earned $93,633 Per Punch Against Wilder

Newly crowned World Boxing Council (WBC) champion, Tyson Fury earned $93,633 for every shot he threw at Deontay Wilder across just over 20 minutes in last Sunday’s rematch.

Tyson Fury

Meanwhile, the dethroned American secured $177,305 for every punch he attempted in his maiden professional career defeat.

Also worth noting is the fact iTech took a look at the social media presence of the fighters. “Throughout the duration of the actual content,” iTech claims, “Fury saw a rise of 400,000 followers on Instagram and 105,788 on Twitter. Wilder, despite coming up short for the first time, gained 200,000 and 28,762 on Instagram and Twitter respectively.”

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Judging from the amount Fury and Wilder earned last weekend, iTech states that “if both fighters worked a 40-hour work- week, their annual salary for the fight would be 3 billion!” That’s billion, not million.

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