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Hello! No buyer for Boris Becker’s Mallorcan Mansion

Tennis Legend Boris Becker


You will expect that the Mansion of a tennis legend like Boris Becker and indeed any other legend for that matter will be a hot cake especially for those who love to keep unique artifacts and edifice.

But temporary occupant of the abandoned mansion which has been put in the market for £9million insists no buyer will come forward for the property which he says is currently dilapidated despite the surface appearance.

The once-majestic property in the Balearic Islands features stables, an outdoor swimming pool, four guest houses, a helicopter pad and a tennis court made from parts of Wimbledon furniture.

Property brochures still list the mansion for sale with idyllic photos of the mansion’s grounds and well-appointed interior.

But as these pictures show, the reality is very different, as the villa and grounds have become dilapidated and the expensive tennis court is in a state of disrepair.

Becker was declared bankrupt in 2017 and the mansion has since been taken over by German squatter Georg Berres and members of his self-titled Intergalactic Auxiliary and Rescue Command.

‘They still want to sell this, the price is over €10million – this is ridiculous, try to find anyone who wants to have it for a million, a cent, you won’t find anyone,’ Berres said.

Tennis Legend Boris Becker

The glamorous images of the property which are displayed on a Spanish listings website are more than 10 years old, Berres claimed.

The property advert boasts of a ‘magnificent setting’ which could serve as a ‘most ideal location for dinner parties, barbecues and grand celebrations of all kinds’ for a large number of guests.

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However, when estate agents came to visit the property they could not believe what they were seeing when they arrived to take pictures, the German said.




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