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Hollywood star Foxx prepares to play Tyson in biopic of boxing icon

Jamie Foxx is continuing to put on the beef ahead of his role in the eagerly-anticipated Mike Tyson biopic.

The multi-talented actor is set to play Iron Mike in a series that will be produced by the great Martin Scorcese.

Upon accepting the role, Foxx began a rigorous training regime in order to build up his frame.

And judging from his recent Instagram story, the hard work seems to have paid off.

Earlier this week, Foxx posted a topless picture of himself flexing to his Instagram story.

His chest looked drastically bigger than his fans are used to seeing, although it’s still a way away from the barrel Tyson had in his prime.

Foxx opened up on his training regime during an Instagram Live last June, saying: “What I’m doing right now is changing the body.

“So now, what I do every other day, I do 60 pull-ups, 60 dips, 100 press-ups, it’s changing the body, the top half.

“I ain’t got no legs, I ain’t got no calf muscles, so we might have to get some prosthetics for that.”

Foxx, 53, has a good relationship with Tyson and has promised The Baddest Man on the Planet his performance will do him justice.

He said last year: “When we were talking about the movie, I said what’s interesting about Mike is not the ring now, it’s the Mike that we see now.

“When I called Mike one time, I said, ‘Mike, how are you doing?’

“And it’s this voice, ‘All praise to Allah, my brother I’m just happy’.

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“I said, ‘Why you happy?’ and ‘I’m happy I don’t have money anymore, I don’t have any money’.

“I said, ‘Why do you say that? Why does that make you happy?’

“‘Cause no one can take anything from me anymore.

“‘There are no vultures. Nobody out there trying to take anything from me. So I’m just happy.’

“I said, ‘That’s the person we’ve got to show’.

“He’ll tell you, ‘I either live on top of the mountain or on the bottom of the ocean’.

“I said to Mike, ‘When I play you, I’m going to embody you so well that when I walk into your house your kids will run up and say dad’s home.’”

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