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How can we avoid a re-occurrence of this ugly experience?

Pillars Fans besiege the Agege Stadium pitch.....Photo: BOLA OMILABU


Pillars fans go wild at Agege Stadium
Pillars Fans besiege the Agege Stadium pitch…..Photo: BOLA OMILABU

Football all over the world is seen first as a huge entertainment.  It is a competition because two teams are always involved and only three results will emerge, a win a draw or a loss. .

Few months back all hell was let loose at the Agege Township Stadium in a Super Six clash between Kano Pillars and Rangers international.

Both teams had battled to a 1-1 draw subsequently Pillars shouted for penalty which centre referee Quadri Adebimpe from his professional point of view did not consider a penalty to the disdain of some pillar fans.

The matter got worst when Rangers were awarded a penalty and fans started hauling all manner of objects into the pitch interestingly it was on live television.

Pillars free kick about six minutes to the end of the match was delayed due to fans disturbances and soon after the kick was taken the referee signaled the end of the match with Pillars captain Rabiu Ali angrily charging at him, an action which fueled already charged fans out of order behaviour.

At this stage it became operation run for your dear life and even a brave cameraman was seen using his body to cover his very expensive television camera as the mayhem raged on.

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This certainly sounds like a story from a movie but it is not.  The new season of the Nigeria professional football league is in its second week with about 16 matches played.

How can we avoid a re-occurrence of this ugly experience?

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