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Video: How Messi knocked down 20 panels in 82 seconds

Lionel Messi displayed his incredible accuracy when he knocked down 20 panels in 82 seconds on a Japanese game show in 2018.

The Argentine was given 100 seconds to complete the innovative challenge, whereby the goal was made up of numbered panels that needed to be hit for them to fall down.

Balls were fired out of a machine for Messi to volley and the Argentine passed the test with flying colours, breaking the world record after completing the task with 18 seconds spare.

Incredibly, Messi knocked down half of the panels in 30 seconds in the shooting drill and he was then able to secure the bag without really breaking a sweat.

Footage of Messi partaking in the challenge has been doing the rounds on social media again and it really highlights the Barcelona’s Messi’s calmness under pressure as he finds all of the targets.

Messi has made a number of appearances on Honoo-no Taiiku-kai in recent years and showed off his sublime skill-set in a range of challenges.

The six-time Ballon d’O winnerr was tasked with firing free kicks past an inflatable robot and smashed it. Despite his opponent’s vast size, Messi was able to curl the ball into the corners with some mindblowing accuracy.

It’s no surprise he’s been able to score so many free-kicks from a variety of angles and distances under pressure. In fact, he’s so good that teams have even started putting players behind the goalkeeper to try and stop him from scoring.

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In terms of his technique, Messi has trained himself to ‘sprain his ankle’ – controlling the motion as he strikes the ball.

Dr Rajpal Brar gave some serious into the unique approach Messi has developed during an appearance on the Squawka podcast.

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