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I’m much better now, says ex-Inter coach Mourinho

Jose Mourinho has assured Roma fans that everyone inside the club are determined to bring success.

Mourinho was quizzed about ‘his’ plans for Roma’s season.

“This is not the Friedkin project, it’s not the Tiago Pinto project, it’s not the Mourinho project, it’s the Roma project,” Mourinho told Serie A’s official YouTube channel.

“I know the fans, I know the square and if you think that the project is for me ‘to arrive tomorrow and I win the day after tomorrow’, it’s not the right path.

“This is a project in which the owners want to leave a legacy, they want to do something very important for the club in a very sustainable way. We want Roma to be successful in the future.”

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Mourinho says he’s a “better coach” to the one who led Inter Milan to the Treble over a decade ago.

“I’m much better now, I’m serious,” Mourinho continued. “I feel improved now because this is a job where experience counts so much.

“Everything becomes a dejavù because I’ve been through so many experiences since leaving Italy. Of course, it’s one thing to come to a country for the first time, where you start from scratch, and you have so many things to learn.

“This is not my case, I know Italy, I know the culture of football. I know about Rome, which was my real rival, it was fighting with us for the domestic titles. Now I’m ready for this.”

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