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Joshua shows off MMA skills while holidaying in Spain


Anthony Joshua has taken a leaf out of Tyson Fury’s playbook, and the boxing heavyweight has shown off his MMA skills whilst on holiday in Spain.

Fury and Joshua’s mega match hit a wall last spring due to a contract clause between Fury and American heavyweight Deontay Wilder requiring the pair to fulfil their trilogy.

Joshua, on the other hand, has moved onto the dangerous Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk, who is looking to become a three-division champion when he squares off with the Brit.

Anthony Joshua showcasing a bit of mixed marshal art

However, Joshua is still teasing the fight as he dabbles in a bit of MMA training, a page straight out of Fury’s book.

In between his usual left hooks and right jabs, Joshua launches a massive flying knee – that connects with the pad high above Barnatt’s head – before he unleashed some kicks to Barnatt’s body.

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Joshua demonstrates some serious power behind his kicks, and Barnatt proceeds to call out the next strike to what Joshua happily obliges.However, don’t expect a move to MMA anytime soon for Joshua.

Fury, on the other hand, has spoken about a potential change of careers, and he appeared on WWE’s SuperShowDown in 2019.

However, he recently told talkSPORT: “No, I’ve got no real interest in grappling up and down on the floor and all that sort of stuff.”

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