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Klopp: All our players could’ve made FIFA Team of Year

Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp, believes he cannot match the success of Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson because the Premier League is so competitive.

Klopp doesn’t expect to rule the Premier League in the way Bayern Munich, Juventus, or PSG do in their respective countries.

“I don’t think anybody will dominate English football – it’s too difficult, 100 percent. The league is too challenging, the calendar is too challenging,'” Klopp told reporters after being crowned men’s coach of the year at FIFA’s Best Awards for the second year in a row.

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“We all have to make sure we get through these crazy times at the moment and all the other times as well. We had four players in the best team of the world in the last year – one we had to sign from Bayern (Thiago Alcantara), which was smart business, I would say. We obviously have a good team.

“All the other players could have been in that team, as well, because of their ability, so you see we have a really good team here. What you always need in life is a little bit of luck, so you can win football games.

“The more football games you win, the closer you come to winning trophies. If you are in the final or whatever, then you have to make the final touch, that’s it.

“But we don’t plan world dominance for the next years. We just plan for the next game, which is in 40-something hours at Crystal Palace.”

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