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Klopp appreciates Man Utd star Rashford’s humanitarian gesture

Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp, has spoken about his awe of Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford after his campaign to help vulnerable children receive free school meals

Jurgen Klopp has spoken passionately of his pride in Marcus Rashford despite Liverpool’s fierce rivalry with Manchester United.

The Liverpool manager broke down the tribal barriers in football with emotional support for the striker in showing true leadership over child food poverty, where the Government has failed.

And he insisted that football is always united when it comes to such “wondrous” shows of humanity.

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“I hope his mother is really proud of him. I don’t know him but even I am proud of him. And he plays for United which makes it really tricky!” he said.

“What Marcus has started there is absolutely incredible. And with all the rivalry between the clubs, in these moments we as footballers and as human beings are always united.”

Rashford has refused to back down in his bid to force the Government to fund meals for vulnerable children outside term time, despite 322 Tory MPs voting against feeding hungry kids.

And Klopp did not hold back in his criticism of Boris Johnson when he said: “It’s just so nice what Marcus has done to lead this, in a time when obviously a lot of people who are really in charge of something don’t show any sign of proper leadership.

“That a boy who has grown up in difficult circumstances – and blessed with sensational talent, obviously – never forgot his roots and where he is coming from, is an absolutely wonderful, wonderful thing.

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