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Klopp pockets £6.7m-a-year on Ads and sponsorship

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp earning goodies from ads

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Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp carts home £16m from his efforts at the Anfield but you will be wrong if you think that is all he lives on.

The 53 year old it will interest you takes home another £6.7million a year in sponsorship deals on top of his £16m Liverpool salary, it has been revealed.

He is not only good at his job but he is reportedly one of the most sought-after footballing faces in advertising, up there with the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Klopp is the face of German car giant Opel, beer company Erdinger and even two financial institutions, VR-Bank and Deutsche Vermogensberatung.

The Kop boss – who led the Reds to Champions League and Premier League glory in back-to-back seasons – has also penned a deal to promote Snickers at this summer’s delayed European Championship.

But his advisor, Marc Kosicke, has revealed Klopp isn’t greedy and only picks German companies he truly values.

Kosicke said: “We decided that Jurgen stands for ‘Made in Germany’.

“We’ve managed to ensure that it’s all German companies he’s promoting.”

British broadcaster Sky are the only non-German company Klopp promotes.

But Kosicke added they decided to make an exception for them as they ‘feel like a German company because of its long history as a Bundesliga rights holder’.

And Kosicke went on to reveal Klopp turns down far more offers than he accepts, to remind fans he is, first and foremost, a football manager.

Most-notably the German boss turned down the chance to appear on The Graham Norton Show shortly after Liverpool’s 2019 Champions League success.

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Raking in a combined £22.7m a year from his Liverpool wage and sponsorship revenue, Klopp gives generously to charity and is involved in football’s ‘Common Goal’ initiative and why not you may want to ask.

Klopp donates one per cent of his salary to worthy causes in Liverpool, Erfut (Germany) and Cape Town (South Africa).



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