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Klopp’s Liverpool best in modern history – Carragher

Premier league champions Liverpool

Liverpool hero, Jamie Carragher, revealed that the current team is the best in modern history.

Carragher rates Jurgen Klopp’s men ahead of the great Liverpool teams of the 1980s.

He told the Daily Mail: “Some of the football Liverpool played that season with Daniel Sturridge, Raheem Sterling and Luis Suarez, was out of this world and maybe more exciting in some ways than what you’ve seen in the last few years.

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“And if you go back to when Philippe Coutinho was in the team and the first season of Mohamed Salah [2017-18], that was possibly the most exciting team to watch. But that team couldn’t win the league either. In Klopp’s early years, the football was amazing. That run to the 2018 Champions League final, winning the end-to-end semi-final against Roma 7-6.

“The football was exhilarating. Now it’s more machine-like and ruthless. The Liverpool teams of the Seventies and early Eighties were probably also more machine-like; relentless and sprinkled with bits of greatness.

“I actually think this current side is closer to those teams than it is to [Kenny Dalglish’s] Liverpool of the late Eighties.

“There’s no real passenger in this team. Coutinho came out and they didn’t really replace him; they haven’t really got that type of [flair] player. Today it’s not really about take-your-breath-away (style). It’s relentless goals, sprints, running in behind.

“When I watch this team at their best, it’s a team, not individuals. They just don’t stop. You wouldn’t want to play against them.”

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