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Lampard not afraid of Abramovich’s sack threat

Chelsea boss, Frank Lampard, has accepted that he’s likely to eventually be sacked by club Roman Abramovich.

Abramovich has given Lampard his full backing – splashing out more than £200million to turn Chelsea into Premier League title contenders. But that money comes with an expectation to succeed, with the famously demanding owner ruthlessly axing a succession of world-class managers.

Lampard witnessed that during his playing days winning every major honour. And he has revealed how he would react if the call came.

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“The lucky thing for me, without trying to sound too comfortable, is my football career put me in a decent position,” he said. “So, if that job is taken away from me, as long as I go in with every minute thinking, ‘Can I do the best job?’ I genuinely think if it got taken away from me, you get the sack, you can’t get another job – if I’ve done the best as I can, I will be pretty happy.

“I’ll be disappointed and look back at the million things I could have done better, but as it stands now, what’s in front of me, I’m thinking about our next game.”

Lampard is fully aware of the advantage being a club legend has given him.

“Not many people get a job at Chelsea after one year at Derby,” he added. “It’s clear playing 13 years at the club helped me get the job, but also in my own way I think I deserve it for the years I put in as a player and I’ve taken things on board and I know the club and I’m going to absolutely do my best to do well so I think in that situation I understand the pitfalls.

“I had to put my ego at the door a bit and say I might ruin what might have been achieved in 13 years to a degree because if it doesn’t go well I will be judged harshly and very quickly.”

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