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Liverpool fans write off Ballon d’Or after Van Dijk loses to Messi

Lionel Messi beat Liverpool star Virgil van Dijk to a sixth Ballon d’Or prize in Paris, but Reds fans are fuming that their Dutch defender has missed out on the World Player of the Year trophy.

Van Dijk was favourite heading into the event but rumours began to circulate on social media that Messi would be given the award.

virgil van dijk
Messi shows off his Ballon d’Or awards

There was also the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo had decided to no-show the event.

Van Dijk won the Champions League earlier this year and Liverpool are favourites to pick up the Premier League this term.

But Liverpool fans’ worst Ballon d’Or fears were realised as Messi was awarded the coveted prize for the sixth time.

One said: “Amazing how Ronaldo and Messi are the two best players in the world and have lower standards than everyone else(because they’ve proved themselves in the past), Van Dijk should have won the ballon dor.”

Another wrote: “As a Liverpool fan I amount every other Liverpool fan would have liked to see van dijk win the ballon dor obviously van dijk fully deserves to win it.”

Another went with: “This year award from FIFA to ballon dor is a huge joke… With this logic of giving Messi the award then Ronaldo should have won last year… Were they are expecting van dijk to score 60 goals… This is a useless award.”

Another tweeted: “Ballon Dor was given individually. Van Dijk says Messi deserves it. But Ronaldo fans say Van Dijk. What a joke.”

This fan added: “Can someone explain to me what Messi did last year to warrant winning the Ballon ‘dor ahead of Van Dijk or even Ronaldo!?”

This fan said: “Money buys ballon Dor trophy’s now too. Virgil >>> Messi.”

One non-Reds supporters said: “Far from a Liverpool fan but Virgil Van Dijk gets my Ballon Dor vote.

“Messi as always has been out of this world but Virgil has been outstanding he’s just helped Liverpool win the Champions Leauge and they’re on their way to winning their first title.”

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And finally, this one wrote: “How Messi won the ballon dor is beyond me van dijk was unreal last year plus champions league winner nearly as bad as Modric getting it last year.”

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