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Maguire dodges jail in Greece with  21-month suspended sentence for aggravated assault

Harry Maguire has dodged jail after being found guilty of assault, resisting arrest, and bribery over the Mykonos brawl.

The £85million Man Utd captain, 27, also avoided being slapped with a fine as he was convicted of all charges.

He was instead handed a 21 month and ten-day sentence suspended for three years as it was his first offence.

His brother Joe and pal Chris Sharman, who stood trial alongside him, were given suspended sentences of 13 months after also being found guilty.

The £190,000-a-week centre-back will now appeal against his conviction, Man Utd confirmed in a statement.

But the verdict will no doubt plunge Maguire’s career into chaos and could see him stripped of his captaincy at Man Utd.

It could also throw his international career into jeopardy just hours after Gareth Southgate named him in his England squad for the upcoming Nations League games.

But the strict gaffer warned centre-back Maguire’s place could be dropped “if facts or information changes”.

Speaking after the verdict, a lawyer for the prosecution slammed the group for their “appalling behaviour”.

He added: “We found their behaviour to be totally unsportsmanlike because instead of asking for apologies, they haven’t said they are sorry.

“When you’re a sportsman and a role model you have to accept what you’ve done and say sorry.”

The verdicts come after a bombshell one-day trial heard how the brawl between cops and the trio erupted when Maguire’s sister Daisy was “injected with a rape drug”.

One cop required first aid when handcuffed Maguire attempted to break free – as another pal yelled “f**k, f**k the police”.

After they were taken inside a police station, £190,000-a-week Maguire boasted about how “rich” he was as he tried to pay police off, it was said.

He bragged: “Do you know who I am? I am the captain of Manchester United, I am very rich, I can give you money, I can pay you, please let us go”.

Maguire is then said to have continued boasting about how “very rich” he is, adding: “I am the captain of Manchester United”.

The court was also told how Daisy was approached by two mysterious Albanians in Mykonos as her brother and a group of pals went to get burgers after a night out boozing.

But Maguire’s fiancee Fern Hawkins soon realised her eyes were “rolling into the back of her head” – with the Albanians then fleeing, it was claimed.

Giving evidence at the Utd captain’s trial in Syros today, friend Ashden Morley said: “We held Daisy. Daisy began to start fitting. All the girls were screaming.

“People were coming down asking what happened, there was a large commotion.”

At this point, a minibus Maguire had booked showed up so the panicked group piled on and told the driver they wanted to go to a hospital, it was said.

But Mr Morley said they realised two cars were behind them “following our every movement” before the vehicle pulled up in a courtyard.

He added: “Our bus door opened and five or six males tried to force us off the bus by physically pulling us.”

The quantity surveyor, 28, told the court how they all feared they would be kidnapped and “held at ransom” as they were beaten with batons and kicked and stamped on by undercover cops.

One officer then allegedly kicked Maguire on the leg and told him: “Your career is over”.

As the girls were “in hysterics crying their eyes out”, the England star, 27, was arrested along with brother Joe and pal Chris Sharman.

The claims were made today as the trial kicked off in explosive fashion.

Maguire’s top human rights lawyer Alexis Anagnostakis earlier tried three times to postpone the case but the judge dismissed his protests.

Once it finally got underway, he told the trial how the defender was “attacked by an Albanian group”.

He also denied the group would say “f**k Greece” – claiming “they love the country and are keen on the ancient Greek culture.

It was then claimed there is video shot from outside Mykonos police station showing how the police “mistreated” them.

The footage also shows them in a state of “extreme agony”, Mr Anagnostakis said.

The lawyer added: “My clients did not beat anyone, accost anyone, or injure anyone.”

Dad Alan travelled to the court on the Greek island of Syros today to support his sons.

But none of the defendants – including Maguire – were in court today.

They had been partying in a swanky nightclub in Mykonos when sister Daisy was approached by a group of Albanian men.

It was previously alleged she was stabbed in the arm with a metal straw when she spurned the advances of the “gangster types”.

The jab drew blood – with big brother Harry stepping in to defend her when a fight broke out.

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A source said: “Harry saw what was happening and remonstrated with them and things got heated.

“He decided to try to get out of there and wanted to hail a taxi. But he ended up arguing with some undercover police officers and ended up at the local police station.”

Sheffield-born Maguire became the world’s most expensive defender when he signed for Utd from Leicester City for £85million in August last year.

He was named captain in January this year following Ashley Young’s departure to Inter Milan.

He is next due to play at Old Trafford for their first game of the season on September 19 against Crystal Palace.

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