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Man City get £38.4m for winning Premier League

Manchester City has earned £38.4m as prize money for winning the premier league title.

City finished the season on 98 points after defeating Brighton 4-1 on the final day of the campaign on Sunday to retain the title.

Runners up, Liverpool who beat Wolves at Anfield went home with £36.5m.

Every year, the Premier League’s prize money is divided among the 20 participating clubs – with each side taking home an equal share of £80.4 million no matter where they finished in the league.

The rest is decided on where your team finished and, ultimately, how well they did in comparison to their opponents.

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Each team also has an opportunity to earn TV revenue on top of that, where hosting live games earns your side more money.

Premier League prize money

20. Huddersfield Town – £1.9m

19. Fulham – £3.8m

18. Cardiff City – £5.8m

17. Brighton – £7.7m

16. Southampton – £9.6m

15. Burnley – £11.5m

14. Bournemouth – £13.4m

13. Newcastle United – £15.4m

12. Crystal Palace – £17.3m

11. Watford – £19.2m

10. West Ham United – £21.1m

9. Leicester City – £23.1m

8. Everton – £25m

7. Wolves – £26.9m

6. Manchester United – £28.8m

5. Arsenal – £30.7m

4. Tottenham Hotspur – £32.6m

3. Chelsea – £34.6m

2. Liverpool – £36.5m

1. Manchester City – £38.4m

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