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Man City star breaks lockdown rules three times in 24 hours

Manchester City and England defender Kyle Walker has released a statement in an attempt to explain why he broke the lockdown rules three times in 24 hours this week – having already been in trouble with his club for a previous breach of the regulations just a few weeks ago.

Man City and England defender Kyle Walker has opened up on his mental health anguish

The Sun reported that the 29-year-old had flouted Government guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic just weeks after he apologised for holding a sex party with two escorts.

The outlet claimed Walker travelled from his house in Prestbury, Cheshire, for a party at his sister’s house in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, and then went to his parents’ home in Sheffield.

The following day he reportedly went out cycling with a friend from his rented property in Hale.

Walker released a statement on his social media platforms late on Thursday night following the revelations, opening up on his mental health. It read: ‘I feel as though I have stayed silent for long enough.

‘In light of the most recent article published about me and my family, I feel as though I have no choice but to address things publicly.

‘I have recently gone through one of the toughest periods of my life, which I take full responsibility for. However, I now feel as though I am being harassed.

‘This is no longer solely affecting me, but affecting the health of my family and my young children too. In relation to the events on Wednesday, I travelled to Sheffield to give my sister a birthday card and present, but also to speak to one of the few people I believe I can trust in my life.

‘She hugged me to remind me how much she cares and that I am loved. What am I meant to do – push her away? I then travelled to my parents’ house to pick up some home-cooked meals. Again it’s been an extremely tough couple of months for them: everything I’ve gone through in my life they have gone through with me.

‘What have my parents and sister done to deserve their privacy being invaded by photographers following me to their homes?

‘I constantly feel as though I’m being followed. I don’t even feel safe in the confines of my own home – why should they have to feel like that too? Who deserves that?

‘I am in a privileged position as a role model and a professional athlete, and can assure you from my upbringing I do not take it for granted. But, at what stage do my feelings get taken into consideration?

‘My family has been torn apart, this has been dragged through the press, and I ask: when is enough enough?

‘At a time when the focus is understandably on Covid-19, at what point does mental health get taken into consideration, an illness which affects every sufferer differently?

‘I am a human being, with feelings of pain and upset just like everybody else. Being in the public eye as a professional athlete does not make you immune to this.

‘It is sad, but I feel as though my life is being scrutinised without any context. I understand if people are upset or angry with me, but it was important for people to have a better understanding of my life.

‘Thank you for taking the time to hear my feelings.’

The full-back breached lockdown instructions at the beginning of April and apologised for his actions.

It emerged the pair of escorts — who it is claimed were paid £2,200 — had been invited to Walker’s rented Cheshire property.

It had been reported that the 29-year-old had flouted Government guidelines earlier this week

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Walker said last month: ‘I want to take this opportunity to issue a public apology for the choices I made last week.

‘I understand my position as a professional footballer brings the responsibility of being a role model.

‘As such, I want to apologise to my family, friends, football club, supporters and the public for letting them down.’

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