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Maradona confesses he lost virginity at 13 after abduction saga

Diego Maradona has done a lot of strange things in his life but perhaps they can all be explained by the fact that he was once abducted by aliens, according to him.

The 1986 World Cup winner is known as one of the best players of all time but he’s also just as famous for his antics both on and off the pitch.

That’s why it won’t come as a surprise to many that he has claimed he was once abducted. Talking to Argentine sports channel TyC Sports the former national team manager was asked if he believed in UFOs, “Why make things up? Once, after a few too many drinks, I was missing from home for three days,” he said.

“I got home and said that UFOs had taken me. I said ‘They took me, I can’t tell you about it’.”

To be honest Diego, it sounds more like you got drunk and couldn’t find your way home, maybe he even ended up at a woman’s place and it was just a good excuse to his wife.

Speaking of being with a woman, the 60-year-old also opened up on how he lost his virginity, revealing it was to an older woman when he was just 13.

On the incident the former Barcelona forward said, “At 13 years old, in a basement with an older lady. I was on top and she was reading a newspaper.”

Maradona cheers on Argentina at the 2018 World Cup. Image: PA Images
Maradona cheers on Argentina at the 2018 World Cup. Image: PA Images

I’m no expert but it doesn’t sound like she was enjoying it that much if she continued to read her newspaper.

Speaking about more footballing topics Maradona claimed that he’d seen Lionel Messi cry in the shower after being knocked out of the 2010 World Cup.

The former Napoli forward was appointed as manager to the national team during qualification for the tournament, when the team looked in danger of not qualifying, they made it to South Africa but lost 4-0 in the quarter final to Germany.

Maradona during the 2010 World Cup. Image: PA Images
Maradona during the 2010 World Cup. 

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On the incident Maradona said, “I am his [Messi] friend. I saw him crying in the shower when we lost 4-0 to Germany while many players were already looking for flights back home.”

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