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Megan Rapinoe not giving up on equal pay

Megan Rapinoe insists on equal pay for footballers


Women Ballon d’Or winner Megan Rapinoe has revealed that equal pay and the “fans and for kids who want to be in my position” are on her mind when she wears the US national team shirt.

The US women’s national team have been vying for equal pay and even disputed the case with US Soccer

A past lawsuit launched by the US team called for over $66m in damages under the Equal Pay Act and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Both Rapinoe and fellow US teammate Alex Morgan vowed to launch an appeal in 2020 after the team’s equal pay claim was dismissed.

US Soccer and the women’s team both agreed to an unequal working condition claim outside of court last December.

US players are now able to appeal wage discrimination claims under the Equal Pay Act, but Rapinoe believes that the fight for equal pay is far from over.

The 35-year-old Reign winger insisted that she is “not thinking about the federation” when she pulls on the US shirt.

Instead, Rapinoe suggested that equal pay and the next generation of players are on her mind when she wears the shirt.

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The 2019 Women’s Ballon d’Or winner told ESPN: “For me, when I pull on the shirt, I’m not thinking about the federation.

“I see them [US Soccer executives] pulling up to the game and I think, ‘That’s cute, that’s nice.’

“I feel like I pull on this shirt for equal pay and for the fans and for kids who want to be in my position. So that never feels in conflict.”

Rapinoe played an instrumental role in the US team’s success as she lifted the 2019 Women’s World Cup en route to capturing the Golden Boot and Golden Ball.







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