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Messi and family: Making the best use of Covid-19 lockdown

Argentina international Lionel Messi and family


To say the coronavirus induced lockdown has brought out the good the bad and the ugly in many is to put it mildly.

Professional footballers who are the focus of attention week in week out have been forced to alter their routine, the usual training before matches, the impressive runs during matches as well as missed chances that go with etc.

These days it is either they choose to train indoors or simply try their hands on other things aside from the romance with the round leather game.

Juve forward Cristiano Ronaldo and family enjoying the lockdown in their own way

Some have been seen table tennis alone some continuing the shape up in personal gyms while waiting and hoping that the virus which has wreaked havoc across the globe can give way for normal life to continue.

Some have however delved into vices triggered by boredom.  This is hardly a surprise to some professionals especially psychologists who had predicted that the lockdown is bound to have negative effect on professional footballers who are already used to packed program ranging for training to playing to travelling and of course enjoying mouthwatering social outings.

However some are taking the uncomfortable but inevitable change calmly and using the opportunity to further increase the family bond.  One of such players is Argentina international and Barcelona forward Lionel Messi.  If the six time Ballon d Or winner is not shaping up in the Gym with the family, they are playing games or simply reading some stuff to keep busy.

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Interesting arch rival and Juventus talisman Cristiano Ronaldo is equally catching a lot of fun with the family.

Psychologists say the period demands remaining calm and taking the challenges in their stride while observing all the rules and certainly this  two football idols that command a lot of following are playing by the rules!

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