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Messi ready to return to forward line alongside in-form Suarez

Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez

Having been able to get up to speed in recent training sessions, Lionel Messi will be ready to reappear in Barcelona’s next match against Inter.

As revealed, the Argentine is in the squad that will travel to Milan although he still doesn’t have the all-clear from medical staff. He is likely to receive this in time though to face Inter, two weeks and three days since breaking a bone in his arm.

In the three games without Messi, Barcelona not only have won all their games (Sevilla, Inter, Real Madrid and Rayo) but they have also been able to answer footballing debates. Little can be said of a Messi-dependency while some players have come to the fore such as Jordi Alba who has given a lot to the attack with his raids down the wing.

The midfield trio havve shined and Rafinha also has come in and done well.

However, the player that really was able to take on the responsibility of leading the attack has been Luis Suarez.

The Uruguayan has got five goals in two league games that makes him the top scorer and shows his ability like a diesel engine of taking time to kick into gear.

“I think we all play better with Messi including Suarez,” said Valverde.

Since Neymar’s move to Paris Saint Germain, the responsibility for goals has rested on Messi and Suarez, and between the two they have 97 which is 54% if the goals scored by the team since the summer of 2017.

The understanding between the two can be seen in that now Suarez has overtaken Dani Alves in the player that has provided most assists to Messi with 27. Messi meanwhile has set-up 28 for Suarez.

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