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Mourinho: We’ll welcome back fans with Tottenham topping the league!

Tottenham Hotspurs boss, Jose Mourinho, is happy going back to Spurs stadium as a top contender for the Premier League title.

Sunday’s 0-0 draw at Chelsea means they remain Premier League leaders.

Mourinho said, “I like the feeling of being top and having our first game back with fans, even if just 2,000 fans, it’s a gift for the Tottenham fans. We came from a difficult position last season and we are happy with that. If we were a bit better, we would have won. The game was there for us. The next match is a must-win.

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“The game did not have many chances. It is a game where we both wanted to win. We respect each other. Nobody gambled. Nobody tried to change the direction of the game. Everybody was thinking ‘one mistake, we get punished’. They had one shot from distance, we had more in the first half than the second. I think a big game is difficult for both teams.”

On Gio Lo Celso’s late chance, he added: “Gio (Lo Celso) had three options in my opinion in the last minute and his decision was the worst. But I don’t complain. It is difficult to come on with 25 minutes to go.It is OK.”

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