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Napoli appeal turnaround ‘possible’

President of the CONI court of appeal, Mario Sannino, assures it is possible for them to overturn the verdict on Napoli’s match with Juventus.

The Partenopei did not attend the Serie A match on October 4, as they claimed the local health authority (ASL) had placed a travel ban on the squad due to two COVID-19 cases.

The Lega Serie A and the FIGC both agreed that Napoli hadn’t done enough to stick to the agreed protocol, which would’ve allowed the game to go ahead.

Juventus were therefore given a 3-0 win and Napoli docked one point, but at least one more appeal is on the cards.

“It’ll depend on what violations Napoli will point towards in their appeal,” CONI court of appeal President Sannino told Radio Punto Nuovo.

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“This is the final level of the sporting justice system appeals. We do not just examine any specific violations of rules or errors in reasoning.

“This court has existed since 2014 and the Napoli lawyers will know how to identify eventual discrepancies. The points penalty could also be revoked, but again, it depends on what is outlined.”

There is one more avenue to appeal, the TAR civil regional tribunal of appeal.

“It is another court that can only rule on norms that have been broken.”

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