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No winners in Brazil, FIFA row, says Liverpool midfielder Fabinho

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Fabinho has said Liverpool’s Brazilian trio have been stuck in the middle of their row with the country’s federation.

Liverpool refused to let Alisson Becker,Roberto Firmino and Fabinho depart to represent Brazil this month, although Firmino was injured so wouldn’t have been selected.

But a FIFA rule, if a resolution cannot be found, will see Liverpool forced to do without the trio for this weekend’s league fixture against Leeds United.

“It’s a difficult situation because we want to defend our country, we want to play for the Brazilian team,” said Fabinho to ESPN Brasil.

“But I don’t think it’s just between club and national team. It’s a government rule, I don’t think the English FA could change that, I think.

“I believe that FIFA would not be able to change either, neither Conmebol nor the CBF.

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“We players are in the middle of this kind of dispute, right, without much to do. Because it was a Premier League decision not to release us.

“And on the one hand, we even understand, because on the way back I would have to stay 10 days in a hotel. Maybe lose three games. And 10 days is enough for you to lose a game rhythm. So it’s hard.

“But we also understand the side of the national team, that the national team cannot have nine players. Nine players, that’s a lot of players.

“So we stay in the middle of this dispute hoping that there is really a solution.”

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