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Old family Video breaks emotional Cristiano Ronaldo

Juve forward Cristiano Ronaldo in tears


At 34, Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo is not only one of the best players in the world but indeed one of the most photographed and talked about celebrity. The story of his life and his soccer career has been told, published and re-published.

No doubt he has seen several of his own pictures with friends, teammates, family members to mention just a few.

The former Real Madrid ace was however seized with emotion seeing for the first time a video in which his late father spoke very well about his then 20 year old son.

Ronaldo was reduced to tears after being shown footage of his late father expressing his pride at his achievements.

The Juventus star was shown the clip of his father Jose Dinis Aveiro speaking about him on his doorstep, ahead of the Euro 2004 tournament held in Portugal.

Young Ronaldo with his late fatherJ
Jose Dinis Aveiro

His father, an alcoholic and former soldier, would die of liver failure a year later at the age of 52, missing out on much of Ronaldo’s success and the birth of his four children.

In tears, Ronaldo said during the hour-long interview with Piers Morgan:  ‘I never saw the video. I never saw that video. Unbelievable.’

The Portugal international also revealed how facing a rape allegation left him feeling embarrassed in front of his girlfriend and children. Speaking about the accusation, he said: ‘It makes you feel so bad.’

‘One day I was at home in the living room with my girlfriend and then the news they speak about Cristiano Ronaldo, this and that,’ he said. ‘You listen to your kids coming down the stairs and you change the channel because I was embarrassed.

American model Kathryn Mayorga claimed the football star raped her in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009 but Ronaldo strongly denies the claims.

Las Vegas authorities announced last month that there was not enough evidence to bring criminal charges against Ronaldo.

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