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Operation Stun AJ Again!  Andy Ruiz nutritionist approves diet list

December 7 showdown on the card


Ahead the much talked about December 7 re-match between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz, personal Nutritionist of the Mexican boxer has released special menu for the 30 year old while revealing that they have declared operation stun Anthony Joshua again.

Zoha Matin, who is founder of an outfit called Zo’s Mean Plans, said the idea is to ensure that Ruiz feeds healthy, remains fit and light for easy movement against the Nigerian born boxer who is desperate to re-claim the world heavy weight titles he lost in June at the Madison Square Garden in New York City.

‘He’s working really hard in the gym which is a factor. ‘His diet? Fish, salmon, pasta on sparring days. Once in a while we have had a cheat day but nothing too crazy, man.

Action from the June clash in Washington

‘The goal is to keep him eating clean, keep him eating healthily. Feeling light is what we’re going for. We want to keep him light.

‘We’re not targeting a specific weight maybe the same weight or a little bit less. But we want to feel light so it’s easier for him to move on his feet.’

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Ruiz’s new diet is likely to mean he cuts down on the Snickers chocolate bars that he professed his love to before his first fight.

Ruiz Jr weighed in at 19st 11lbs, a stone-and-a-half heavier than Joshua when they first met in New York. Ruiz has continued to boast that he will carry the day in the December 7 re-match billed for Saudi Arabia.



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