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Premier League club’s Instagram earning power released

Manchester United players could be earning the most from Instagram sponsored post based on research, though Arsenal’s Daniel Ceballos might be the number one earning player in the league.

Football players have had a lot of extra time on their hands recently, meaning plenty of chances to post things on social media and many of them have been able to make a fair bit of money.

Sponsored posts on Instagram, where influencers promote things for money, are obviously popular amongst players and according to research by, based on eMarketer’s research on which brands pay how much for posts, Manchester United are the club who could be raking in the most money.

The table suggests United could have made over £500,000 this season and £65,000 alone since the Covid-19 outbreak began.


Premier League clubs by Instagram value. Image: CasinosOnline
Premier League clubs by Instagram value. Image: CasinosOnline

Explaining the methodology said, “To work out earnings, we gathered data on the number of followers each player has and the number of paid posts they make in a week on Instagram.

“From the number of followers, we could work out what type of influencer they were and calculate a value for their posts based on eMarketer’s article on how much brands are paying influencers.

“Using this information and the number of paid posts each player made, we could estimate what they made in a week, as well how much they made since the season started.

“…For the team amounts, we summed up all the earnings of each player per team.”

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side might lead the squad list but it’s actually Arsenal’s on loan midfielder Daniel Ceballos, who is with the Gunner’s this season from Real Madrid, who leads the way for the players.

Surprisingly United’s Andreas Pereira is second on the list and Manchester City’s Ilkay Gundogan rounds off the top three, clearly the Premier League’s biggest names need to do more sponsored posts.

How much players could be earning. Image: CasinosOnline
How much players could be earning. Image: CasinosOnline

However all of the speculated money pales in comparison to the amount that Cristiano Ronaldo can reportedly earn for his sponsored posts.

According to figures in July 2018 the Juventus forward cost command up to £570,000 per post on Instagram, with the five time Ballon d’Or winner followed by more than 217 million people, more than anyone else on the planet.

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