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Revealed: Lenhardt signed non-disclosure agreement before her death

Boateng and late Kasia Lenhardt

Jerome Boateng’s model ex-girlfriend signed a non-disclosure agreement weeks before her death it has been revealed.

Kasia Lenhardt, 25, was found dead in a luxury apartment in Berlin thought to belong to Boateng on February 9, just a week after their relationship imploded.

And it has emerged she had been committed to silence on ‘all information which she has gained knowledge in the context of her personal connection’ with the footballer, Bild reports.

Leaked documents from January 25 , a week before Boateng publicly announced the couple’s breakup — appear to show Kasia had agreed to an NDA.

She had agreed not to share pictures, texts or emails she had exchanged with the footballer.

Kasia also agreed to pay a penalty for ‘each case of violation’ of the NDA.

Boateng had accused Kasia of sabotaging his relationship with ex-girlfriend Rebecca and his family before they started dating, and of blackmailing him into staying with her.

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Meanwhile Kasia — who had the footballer’s name tattooed on her ribcage branded her ex ‘the devil’ and vowed to ‘speak up’ and ‘fight back’ once she had recovered from the break-up. 

Boateng and Kasia’s family declined to comment on the leaked documents to Bild. The police are reportedly digging deeper following this latest discovery, and there are strong indications that the footballer will be invited to throw more light on emerging facts.






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