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Roy Hodgson open to MLS management role after leaving Palace

Former Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson says he would be open to continuing his career in the United States should he be offered a role in Major League Soccer (MLS).

The 73-year-old announced his decision to step back from full-time Premier League management at the end of last season when his deal with boyhood club Palace expired.

Despite stepping back, the former England manager has been hesitant to officially retire from football and says he will not write anything off at the moment.

Speaking to American radio station SiriusXM FC, Hodgson was asked if he would consider a role in MLS and said: “I’m sure I would.

“The football seems to be coming on in leaps and bounds in the USA at the moment there’s no doubt that the work that has been done in MLS is paying dividends.

“I see the number of teams growing every year I see the attendance figures becoming quite enormous, matching teams in the Premier League.

“The football over there is going from strength to strength.

“Who knows, I certainly wouldn’t write anything off at the moment.

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“I’ve had quite a lot of dealings with America since the time in ’94 in the World Cup in Switzerland, and of course our son studying for a long time and then living in America.

“I have a great affection for the country, so who knows if someone one day for the right could be interesting for them I’d be more than happy to listen to that.”

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